Turning the vision of your business into a reality requires defined building blocks which lay the foundation for future growth. Putting strategic and financial plans in place provides you the qualitative and quantitative targets to ensure you keep your focus.

Business Planning

  • Business Plan detailing product differentiators, market positioning and path towards growth

  • Defined launch strategies of how to bring products or services to market or increase market share

  • Documentation for management and investors to measure success against goals, targets or other major milestones

  • An understanding of the levers available to drive sales and build brand awareness

Financial Planning

  • Multi-year financial model of revenue and expense projections

  • Capital requirements needed to fund operations until profitability

  • Detailed financial statements based on company specific inputs and industry best practices

Merchandise Planning

  • Merchandise and assortment planning strategies and recommendations

  • Inventory management and Open to Buy oversight

  • Costing and price analysis

  • Distribution channel planning and forecasting

  • On-going Strategic and Financial Management